Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I had company today.
My brother brings my mother to me on Tuesdays
most every week now. 
She doesn't get out to see people, 
so I invite some here so she can
chatter a little with someone other
than me! We talk daily
about nothing and sometimes need
a little help getting new subjects.
I called three friends over...
one my mother's age and 
two closer to my age.


Lunch was bread from the Mennonite bakery
with homemade Pimento cheese and/or
Tuna salad, tomato/basil chips
 and Texas caviar
(black-eyed pea salad).

Remember the PUC? 
(last post...scroll down if
you didn't see...)

Someone was asking for a cake of 
their very own...so I did make one...
although, the person won't be getting it 
quite yet...we used it for dessert today. 
Before I decided we'd eat it though...
I sat Mama down at the table with
her own little pan and all the ingredients.
Kind of like how you might let a child 
decorate their own pizza...
Mama made a little cake to take home.
She had fun :) 
Standing in the kitchen is not possible
for her and she has her meals brought
each day. 

She really enjoyed the part where you 
turn the cake out onto the plate!
Rewarding :)

This sweet lady is so very nice to my mother
and they enjoy each other. 
Her last little great-grandchild 
calls her GrannyPanny :) 
She makes loaves and loaves
of Amish friendship bread in 
all kinds of flavors. 
She is so generous to deliver
them to shut-ins and just anybody
who likes to eat! 

This one is gonna have my hide when
and if she sees that I put her ONLINE.
So be it. 

She is the friend of all friends,
Johnny on the spot stand by you 
no matter what true blue bosom
No, you cannot have her. She is mine.
Well, she is a lot of people's...and they
probably would like her back about now. 

This one talks me through my 
blues and knocks sense into my 
hard head. 
She is my mentor who I love. 
Her only child has MS (like me)
and he is miles and miles away.
I think when she does things with
and for me it is as if she is doing for him. 
So sweet. 

Like YOU! 
Come back now. 
It is NOT the same here without you. 
Quiet and lonely.