Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep Manhattan Just Gimme That Countryside

Trying my hardest here not to sing
the theme song from Green Acres. 
Pretty song and all but I know it would
be stuck in my head forever. 
The winter wheat is so oh man...
such a welcome sight every year. 
It's one I forget about too and it always
thrills me as if I had never seen a green 
field in the middle of winter before. 
And the blue skies with billowy white clouds 
next to the green!! Forget about it! 

Yesterday I noticed wheat by our chicken
coop that had grown where they had 
kicked it I picked it and tossed it in
to them. Usually they go beserk when you
feed them anything...not this time.
It was like a public library in there.
Everybody was chewing their wheat greens
like it was a religious holiday or something. 
All quiet and well-behaved. 

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?
Don't you know He laughed when He created
No eyes! Claw fingers for digging away. 
Fur for warmth...
everybody say awwww :) 

You want one, don't you? 

Our dog, Maya, gifted us with this one yesterday. 
She is so thoughtful. 

Super fun fact:
moles will fight to the death to defend 
their territory. 
They prefer living alone :/

Did I ever tell you that I had 13 
lucky roommates between the time 
that I left home for college and getting married? 
That should have prepared me for something

Our oldest son blew out 18 candles
this week. 
He's all hotshot now and thinks he 
can go to college in the fall. 
I told him we didn't educate him 
for him to just move away. 
That's messed up. 

I got him a solid gray quilt for the dorm.
EVERYONE says it is purple. 
Including him.
I am going to be so embarrassed when he 
gets to college and they find out he doesn't 
yet know his colors.