Monday, February 20, 2012

O Glorious Day!

1. Get a bored neighbor girl because your
boys don't get into photo sessions.
Anyway, they are all doing their own
It's winter, the creek doesn't hold
it's normal appeal. 
The girl understands. 

2. Take some props (doesn't hurt that 
you neglected to get them outta the 
car in the first place) 

Globe, tin cups, napkins, basket,
Missoni for Target sweater and crocheted cap
ALL from Goodwill...
pennies, I tell ya! 

The quilt, discovered in a window seat
at Mama's. 
Long forgotten
and edges unfinished...
cookies and donuts...
Girl scouts trump the leftovers
at home. 

3. Use your best heart-shaped china
for brightness on a winter day
(however sunny!)
School was out, of course, 
for President's Day. 

4. Nibble and smile at the girl 
as you discuss places on the globe.
Take turns telling why you'd like
to travel to certain places and why 
you would NOT like to go to others.

5. Agree in the end that France and
Europe in general is the favorite,
hands down as to where you'd 
most like to go. 

6. Make wishes for spring as you toss the
buttercups in the creek.

7. Go swap out the girl for your boys. 
Game over ;)