Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Papier bleu

My mother and both grandmothers
were fabric junkies. 
Totally hooked to the point of 
no return. 
Never mind that their taste and mine
hasn't ever matched up...
you know, didn't coordinate. 

She likes double-knit, I like cotton...

Grandmother on mama's side loved 
hot pink double-knit.
 Bless her. 

I can get pretty dreamy-eyed staring 
at fabrics I love. 
Old woven fabrics are a delight and some
of the old prints as well.

I've heard toile is O.U.T. of style.

Well, today I bought somebody's pants.
Don't worry...they were not in them.
I got a pair of Goodwill toiles, 
size 14 which is not of importance here.


I'm going to cut them up.
You heard right...remember toile is out anyway.
I'm helping some ladies make baby quilts
for Haitian children to sleep on. 

I just so love this baby blue toile and 
was thinking of a way to preserve it's 
beauty for myself....
so I put it on the copy machine and
printed it out on paper! 
(this is where all 5 of you tell me that you
do that all the time and what is the big deal?)
(and one of you will probably call the law
and tell them I'm infringin' on somebody's
copyrighted britches...) 
So be it. 
I hope the lima beans in jail are seasoned well. 
I mean, not too salty but some salt because
just by themselves they need a little boost.
Bacon grease is okay as a seasoning but 
I really prefer a pat of butter.
Not margarine though, did you know it
will clog your veins faster than butter? 
Crazy right? I mean, usually things that
taste better end up being the ones that kill
Not this time.

OH! But my second piece of fabric
is so ancient that you wouldn't be 
able to find out who I infringed upon
unless you went to Ancestry dot com
or signed up for that show...
Who Do You Think You Are 
and got help researching annals
of history. 
Even so, they'd probably spend more
time telling you how much African blood you 
have or that Yo Yo Ma is your kin. 

That would be awesome. 

You have gorgeous papers in which to 
scrapbook or construct a card with especially
if you printed on cardstock. 
I often see wee cabinets in thrift shops...
this paper would be precious lining the inside 
where it would show through the front glass. 
You probably have some ideas to 
give me also. 

Lemme have 'em.