Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

 There is your kiss. Now if you don't get another, you won't be too disappointed. 
The pics today are from my archives. A snowy winter last year gave me some good photo ops! Although it is snowing now, we
don't expect much accumulation. 
Crossing my fingers anyway ;) because I scored a red coat with 
rabbit fur around it's hood for five dollars and want to do a photo
shoot with somebody using it. The label said it was made in Russia! 
I don't think I've ever had anything with a label from there. 

And now you've gotten flowers! 
Print them out and tuck them in the corner
of your bathroom mirror where you'll see them
and feel loved. 

My nephew used to have a note on his mirror
that reminded him to put on deodorant, 
in the days before it had become a solid
habit for him. 
HA! Solid! 
Get it? As in, not a gel? 
(I'll be here all weekend :/ there is something you rarely hear of 
anyone collecting. 
These are my mother's. I haven't been able to sneak 
them out. 
Yeah, I'd break them anyway, right? 
Now you will all tell me how you know ten
people with huge collections of them...go ahead...
they are so pretty, especially when light comes through them. 
Here is your question for conversation today...or
as Monica Lewinsky would say, "talking points". 
This is all I have in common with her as far as I know...although
her eyebrows are really incredible and I wouldn't mind
sharing that trait too. 
The question! 
Would you rather collect these glass tumblers,
majolica... or flow blue plates? 
I don't want to hear a word about your dusty
shelves either. 

I am so allergic.