Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Ten Things

1. When I let myself be photographed on Christmas morning
in 1995 in my gown, there was no internet.
There is no set date as to when the internet started. 

2. Everybody needs a mentor. 
I love mine. 

3. It is incredible how we look up to people and learn 
from them even when we don't mean
they're ways grab hold of you're mind
and personality. 

(sorry Mrs. Lawson! I just had to do that ;)

4. However hard you try to remember 
certain things...they slip away,
which is why video and photos
are so precious 12 1/2 years 

5. Don't believe anyone who tells you
you can't do something. 
Shake it off and set your goals 
higher than you did the first time. 
Those people are not dreamers like you. 


6. Every once in awhile it is good to wear
something totally unlike you.
I just started wearing black this past year. 
My mind was closed to it but I was 
wrong and now I love it. 

7. You can view certain things in your
day as work
or as pleasure. 
Choosing pleasure makes the day more fun
and it goes faster. 

8. Baby boys in our family used
to come one at a time, however

9. The best relationships
might involve 
differences in age and/or

10. Ten.
Ten pounds is probably what I'd gain if I ate 
By now you might have figured out that I 
dropped my camera this week and bent
the daylights out of my five-hundred dollar
Why on earth did I buy a five-hundred dollar
lens and not use a camera case? 
Until I get my lens replaced,
we, no I, will be using random old
photos on my blog or 
taking something from Pinterest.
Don't tell me you haven't been there.
I've seen you!

 That was you in the blond wig, right?