Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Word from the bird

I have seen these dishes in people's (I mean peoples'...sorry Mrs. Lawson!)  homes...
and on the 'net
but YET to find
a piece...
until now. 

While the vintage platter is precious...
the birds themselves are more so, right?!

I wanted to talk about how to mount the bluebird house
because there are specific requirements for them.
They don't just live anywhere which makes 
it hard for them. 
Like you and I wouldn't be able to say...
"I'll only live in a home if it has a jacuzzi
in every room and a wrap-around porch
with ceiling fans and a butler" and 
have much success.
NOW is the time for mounting your box, says Bluebirds Forever ~

Anytime and as soon as possible! Bluebirds start looking for breeding nest boxes in February in the South and by mid March in the North. Bluebirds will use them well into August, producing 2-3 broods per year. Consider leaving your bluebird boxes up all year. When the mating season is over, birds will use the boxes as winter roosts.

Their site tells what else we must know as far as how high to mount the box and where to face it and how to clean it and when! 

The platter? You can purchase it in my shop
Fly away now!   sold~thanks :)