Saturday, January 14, 2012

This post is more for me than for readers...
I've decided blogger makes great
photo storage, where
you have to pay flickr, etc. after
getting so many pics uploaded.
Some of you may remember this
little girl, Mimi.
I used to help her with her blog. 
We closed it for awhile
and she is ready to start again!

Mimi has been going through lots
of talent tryouts and searches 
with Disney in Nashville. 
They keep calling her back.
She has an awesome strong
singing voice!

She was full of compliments,
telling me what a great photographer
I am LOL.

She sparkled, wanting her
photos to show different
sides of her for the
talent scouts.

They only want headshots,
so that is what we did. 

Our little bit of snow is gone.
We are banking on a blizzard
to fulfill our sledding desires before long.
They we will be on the lookout for 
the crocuses to pop up!