Friday, January 13, 2012

Farmhouse Friday

I'm participating in LaurieAnna's 
and Courtney's Feathered Nest Friday 
lots of farmhouse and  feathery/nesty
posts to view over there, 
I for one can't wait to see! 

We have white stuff here today~
 the kids are home and happy. 

I looked around to see what in my home 
said "farmhouse" to me. 
A white spindle chair spoke out...a three dollar
find this summer at a yardsale. 
Then the white pitcher spoke up...
it was my aunt and uncle's. 
One more thing...the enamelware
bucket, found at our local flea market. 
I LOVE those buckets and WISH
I had hydrangeas spilling out of them.

In America, I think all farmhouses have
a flag...old glory! 
My chalkboard skills 
are chalk is the big fat 
type for sidewalks which makes it harder.
How do those people in restaurants make such 
beautiful menu boards anyway???

My girl Maya...every farmhouse needs 
a dog. She is true blue mutt and drags up 
the darnedest things. 
She adores our old dog and makes sure
that Cheyenne gets to eat first. 
She is a stickler on this even though
Cheyenne couldn't care less
anymore, who eats first. 

What have you got your paws into today? 
Show your farmhouse side, if you have one...
I want to see it!