Friday, January 6, 2012

Mrs. Parisienne Farmgirl


Angela is a fellow Francophile who does amazing things with macarons!
 (besides being a wife and mommy extraordinaire...that should NOT have been the second thing I said about priorities might be a little skewed?)

I subscribed since she is speaking deux of my languages
(not fluent in either!) 
I hope to learn more French. Just curious...any of you speaking
it fluently? 

I also have big intentions of submitting an article. You see,  I'm 
a farmgirl too. That strikes me as funny for some reason. I think 
I've always thought of farming in a hot/sweaty dirty kind of way. 
Truth is...I'm in a rural area on a huge piece of property and I never get very dirty (you can't avoid the heat here...or the humidity WHEW) Sweating is not optional in Kentucky or Tennessee. I have to say I hail from both as the state line goes through the yard. 

It isn't nice to talk about yourself as much as I just did. Please forgive. Stop by and say something in French or English to Angela about her venture. Oh now I'm being bossy! ;)