Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family vacation part 2

So, the airline had overbooked
and the crew was busy being rude,
so even though we had purchased tickets
months ago...
we were not permitted on a plane. 
We were permitted however to drop an
unsightly amount of money to rent a car
on our own and drive to Key West. 
It took four hours more to accomplish
this but to be out of the airport was divine.

We marched ourselves directly to the little beach
and restaurant belonging to our hotel...
the Southernmost Hotel. 
After tanking up, our nerves
were calmed somewhat. 

Bougainvillea grows rampant in 
several colors all over down there.

All I could think about was 
the bloggers...oh the bloggers!

It was warm but the water was not. 

My baby boy strung up this hammock but had
to roll out since a man came and 
wanted to charge him for rental
all day. 

Just because it was a warm place
did not mean anyone scrimped on 
Christmas decor. 
The whole place was a festive as it
could be. 

No big waves for surfing,
but people did that thing where
you stand up and paddle around. 

We went on an excursion
which included snorkeling
and kayaking. 
I stayed on the boat during the kayak
portion since we didn't have an even
number of people.
I talked to the boat captain
about cooking.
He had his personal recipe for a fruit
salad dressing on his phone and showed me.
I'm mad because I didn't ask him to send it to me...
it involved jalepenos and fruit ...I think it would be 
wonderful on a green salad and told him so.
He said he was offended when he saw pirate movies
because as a boat captain pirates are true worries
and nothing to laugh at. 
I had my picture made in a wetsuit. 
My son took the picture but I'm not 
showing it. 
I'm not looking at it either. 

Meeting people has got to be my favorite 
part of travel. 
We met lots of folks and 
had some good times chatting. 
A free activity :) no tips required.
That is kind of like how you give a 
child a present and they prefer to play 
with the box. 

I loved having so many things to
photograph of course. 

We ate until we were
sleepy and slept until we were
hungry...walk many miles up
and down Duval St. 
We rode bikes one day
and came home a little wiser
about life in the deep south. 

Pretty sweet.
Like a chocolate dipped key lime pie 
on a stick. 
Oh yes I did.