Monday, October 29, 2012

Brought to you by the color orange

Said the "punktin" (as my firstborn used to say)
I honored it's wish and used the canned pumpkin. 
My friend made this little sign for me. 

I won't ever go back to pie crust made with
shortening ...this is two cups of flour and two 
sticks of cold butter, then a few drops 
of ice cold perfect! 
Use it for a sweet or savory pie. 

I can't believe how many people were 
not raised eating pumpkin pie. 
It is is SO good :) 

I wouldn't have guessed that women in north Alaskan
villages would wish for cotton fabric and rick-rack.
It is true though and I've purchased enough to be a 
door prize for their gathering in January. 
They would have to have two plane rides
to the tune of $900 to get to a Wal-mart. 
Fabric is like gold to them, I hear. 
Especially floral cotton. 
Did you think they were all wearing bearskin, 
like I did? 

Well then, did you think I'd be wearing 
enormous yellow bows in my hair?
Anything goes this weekend...
including acting one's true age ;)


Glenys said...

I had my first slice of pumpkin pie thus Thanksgiving from a friend. So yummy!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Your pie is so pretty! Would your friends in Alaska want cotton fabric? I know my quilting girls would be glad to donate. Let me know, please. I'd love to help them.

Vintage Home said...

You are so sweet to drop by & leave a comment! Your pie looks yummy! love the sign!
And how nice of you to send the fabric to Alaska!

Kelly said...

Love that cute sign! Gave me the giggles!
Got to love the canned stuff makes great cookies and dump cake too. I have to admit Costco makes my pies. Sad but true! Your pie looks scrumptious and very festive!
Lately, Ive started a habit of Pumpkin pie for breakfast instead of dessert with a nice morning cup of Joe!

Looks like your going out to have some fun!!! What did you wear with those big bows?

Wow, Phylis what an amazing gathering! It sure is an eyeopener to what we take for granted here! I did notice on the section for Equipment needed. The white sheets requested still make me dumbfounded. So are you and your boys headed there this January?

Vanessa's party was a challenge! Yikes! Thanks for stopping by to see me! ; )

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
We are now feeling thoroughly deprived. Not only have we never tasted Pumpkin Pie [your looks positively mouth-wateringly delicious]but we have never worn yellow bows in our hair [well, not in public, at least!]

Please may we come to you for Halloween?

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have never had pumpkin pie, we always eat it as a vegetable! Have a good day Diane

Olive Cooper said...

Hi PCOVI, so glad you located me and now I can visit your lovely blog. I am putting you on my blogroll in a minute. I love pumpkin pie and have eaten my fair share already because after my recent surgery it was all I ate for a while. I am sure I gained weight when most folks lose weight. Your barn sale looked wonderful. Unfortunately we do not seem to have barn sales in Georgia. What is wrong with us? I would dearly love to attend one. xo, olive

Amy said...

Love the sweet fall leaves on the crust of your pie. Makes me hungry!!! And I think you are never too old to wear bows in your hair!

Kathleen Grace said...

Tell me more about where you are sending the fabric, maybe I can help! My pumpkin is in the process of being eaten by a squirrel, right this minute. Guess it's good raw too:>) lol
That's ok, we use canned pumpkin for our pies most years. We have tried making from fresh pumpkins and there isn't enough difference in the flavor to go through the extra steps. But I LOVE pumpkin pie, and bread, and cheesecake and muffins....

see you there! said...

Don't you look adorable all done up in ribbons?

The fabric is great but rick-rack? Does anyone still put rick-rack on clothes? I wonder where the word rick-rack comes from anyway.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

You are so dang cute, Phyllis! And thanks for the pie crust recipe...I absolutely LOVE your leaf shapes around the edge of that pie. Lovely!