Monday, September 17, 2012

Chickens, kittens and barbed wire

We had a chicken to die and until somebody
could scoop it out...I let everybody else
free range. 

They really took advantage of the facilities 
and amenities while I took a break from
walking once a day to their coop to feed 
and water them. 
It was win/win except for the droppings 
which are now pretty much all over the deck and walkways, etc. 

Occasionally I find an egg under a bush which is
fun, but not as fun as Easter since no
chocolate will be involved. 
Also, I find many golf balls which my
husband hits and loses or forgets about 
all over our property.

We also got new sealer on the driveway. 
It meant we had to park a long way off
(our driveway is long) 
which is no biggie, but 
if your arms are full of groceries 
and you can't step on the freshly 
done blacktop but have to hoof 
it up through the sidebar...
well, that's different. 

It is all dry now and I'm bringing groceries to the back door 
without missing a beat. 

Weatherwise, winds of change are 
blowing and I for one am very happy
that it is cooling off. 
We have the wonderful scent in the air, 
of the tobacco being fired.
 It is a nice wood smoke
smell that wafts around like it owns the place.
It hangs low in the sky and you can tell, 
summer is a goner and it's okay now to 
let your tan fade away. 
The mower blade isn't your top priority 
like it was and you can concentrate on
foods that call for allspice and nutmeg. 

Meet Phantom.
He is one of five healthy children
born to our mama kitty. 

I'm wearing out my Instagram welcome taking
tens of photos daily of these babies! 
I'm learning tricks too, like putting a hashtag #kitten 
and people just WHAM like your photo. 
Like who are they? What was it about that tag that
drew them in? 
(follow me? Phyllis Covington)

I have a new Iphone 4s and so spoiled tapping on
that thing like I'm somebody. 
Instagram is so fun and free...grab that app if you 
have a smart phone and let's follow each other.
And if I want my photo to go to Facebook, WHAM!
It's there :) Twitter?
Yep, wham.

This barbed-wire says to me ...
you didn't focus on that crane in the water

but it also says, don't get tangled...
hung up, you know, 
free yourself from trappings in life...
wanting too much, 
eating too much, 
talking too much...
because trappings take the place of more 
freeing things. 
And there's not room for both. 

Or the wire could just mean "keep off my
property, lady, go take pictures somewhere else!"


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
We, of course, simply love the images of the tiny kittens. They really are lovely and we wonder what you will do with them? Do you have homes for them or will they live with you - joining the hens free range?!

Vintage Jane said...

I love this post. Love how you write. Winds of change are blowing here too. M x

Anita said...

We let our chickens out most every day, but losing one to a bobcat made us keep a closer watch on them. Ours tend to end up on the back porch, and I cannot stand cleaning up the droppings but I guess thats how it is!!

Carole said...

I am so happy to see your kitty photos on my iphony! happy to have found instagram. It's easy and quick and I find myself being more open with what I show. Hubby checks my blog now and then and hates that I show photos of him:)

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Love this poetic post! You are such a good writer and picture-taker-to instagram-er. Hugs!

see you there! said...

Your chickens look like they are enjoying their freedom. I know nothing about instagram (or a lot of other things) but I sure enjoy your photos.


must love junk said...

OMGosh, the kitten is sooo adorable!!Love this post :)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

LOVE these sweet baby kittens! Can't wait to see more photos as they start to grow.