Thursday, August 30, 2012

My regulars know that I've just had my
firstborn leave for college.
I did what all self-respecting
moms do when their kids

I had my way with his bedroom! 

High fives and fist bumps, I'm so happy
with the room!

His bed had previously, a dark chocolate fuzzy
comforter which I tossed. 
I had the internets buzzing yesterday because
I actually put quilts in shopping carts on several 
websites...but never made the purchase
tightwad that I am. 
Their ads are still begging from the sidebars ...
"buy meee, buyyyyy meee!" 

What I DID do was flip OUR quilt from it's 
rose-covered side, to it's striped side.
THEN stole the pillows off the couch
(nodoby kept them there anyway...always scattered
and unorganized making me crazy)
and placed them on the quilt. 
Perfect weird! 

ALSO I added a featherbed to the top and
you can't tell but this is a HIGH bed which 
I can sink down deep 
in that thing.

It's not so feminine that he will mind snoozing
there (I know he'll be wiped out from his college weeks!)
(he might not want to go back to school, huh?)

The larger globes all came from Goodwill.
The little ones belonged to my dad and my uncle. 

My boy never played baseball but mama likes
these under glass!

WHAT?!  He didn't take the Uncle Vinny bag
to school? 
Mama got it at Forever 21 for him..haha...a "girl's store" 
no, really it has a dude's department too...and my boy
has used this bag for overnights...he says he doesn't
know what the big deal is about the Uncle Vinny bag...

This is the spot in which to view turkey families 
as they snack upon our backyard worms and bugs. 

Only a few months and my second boy will 
fly the coop, giving me freedom 
to do what I want with his room as well.


I could be sitting in a corner rocking back 
and forth sucking my thumb over these
Decorating their rooms soothes me a wee 
bit and helps me with my overall

How is yours?  


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
Well you have certainly taken advantage of your son's departure to college to effect a real transformation of his room. We love it! So very many good ideas and all carried out with great flair and imagination. As for the tennis balls under the glass shade - positively inspirational!!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

A "dark chocolate fuzzy comforter" on the eldest's bed? We're definitely sisters, Phyllis... that's what's on my oldest son's bed as we speak! Does this mean I get to toss it next August when he goes off to college?! lol Good for you for enjoying this new chapter... I've decided that's the best way for me to come to terms with this next step as well! Two in a row for you, too? I LOVE what you did with his room! And that bed! I LOVE it! Hmmmm... any colleges down your way we should check out? "Creative Writing" is my boy's direction.

Gloria said...

The room looks amazing! I love the globes...:) Very vintage vibe going on with those and the baseballs under glass. We have a feather duvet/comforter on our sleigh bed. The grandkids love to climb on top and relax there. I am sure your son will welcome those trips back home!

Have a beautiful Thursday!!

nancygrayce said...

First, when I read what you said about the pillows in the living room, I immediately looked up! The pillows that I love on my couch are constantly all over the place! The room looks gorgeous! When my husband's oldest left for college, the Superhero wouldn't let me touch the room......I tried to explain that except for visits he was gone, flown this coop, but something in him couldn't accept that. Finally, after a long time, the youngest asked if he could move into that room and daddy relented. I then changed youngest's room into a When the youngest left, I didn't even say a word, just did the room like I wanted and he didn't even notice for months! :))

I never had empty nest syndrome.

Kathleen Grace said...

Sadly, one of my little girls is getting married and MOVING to Pennsylvania in a week. The nerve of that child after all I've done for her. :>(
I can't even redo her room to make myself feel better because she has been living in an apartment for a couple years. I am looking forward to the wedding, but this moving away business is soooo not alright!
We can rock in the corner together.

see you there! said...

Your re-do of the room is perfect, it looks like a grown up lives there. You are allowed to suck your thumb at the moment but I'll bet you will be over it soon.


Merci-Notes said...

Wait! Where is your next boy going??? Two off to college???

You did fantastic work in that new GUEST room! I think i will search around this weekend for anything i can shine new life into!

Thanks for the inspiration Phyllis!


Eclectically Vintage said...

When my sister got married, she was barely out the door before I was in there with my tape measure. I took over, wallpapered and moved right in!

This room is fabulous - love your globes (I have a collection too)! And what a great match with those sofa pillows. Oh, and loving those baseballs under glass - whatever makes mama happy!

Karen June Miller said...

I'm enjoying seeing your imagination played out in your home! I admire your sense of playfulness!

I'll have to take that Pioneer Woman quiz. I watch her show on Saturday mornings.

Happy Day,

P.S. Not sure if you saw it, but I am having a FREE TEA GIVEAWAY! Drop by if you are interested. (:::)D