Monday, August 20, 2012

About the house

I took a walk in the woods today and
was tickled to find the green acorns. 
There were SO many large limbs down 
from recent storms...I almost needed a
dozer of some sort. 

Which reminded me that I have 
some wool felted acorns somewhere
that need to be brought out for the upcoming
fall decor. 

I felt guilty last year after having bought 
them on etsy and not displaying them. 

With my three boys back in school, 
I find that I'm setting some goals for
myself, much like it is the new year!
But first, I'm noticing the solitude and
rocking this black kitty for his naps. 
Meet Teddy Graham, y'all. 
We call him, "neck kitty" because
he is forever tucked under out chins. 

What I mean is, GOSH I miss those boys! 
And, thank HEAVEN for pets. 
And I'm truly going to start walking again
and studying the bible more. 
No excuses. 

Homemade vegetable soup tonight...
I tasted it and it is yummy. 

It would be awesome to be able to 
buy a smaller size of jeans this fall,
you agree? 


You're only in a size 4 now? 



Cape Cod Washashore said...

Size 4???? In junior high school!!! lol I'd love to go down a size. Soup sounds yummy. I look forward to autumn cuisine.
Your kitty is adorable! Our kids don't go back to school till after Labor Day (which is why we up here in the northeast get out of school for summer vacation so late... the very end of June)!

Kelly said...

Hello Phyllis, I feel the same way, with my three kiddos back in school! I too, have sent my first born off to college. I have to admit he is only an hour away and yet it seems sooo far. I love having my pets around to chat with and they make some noise while the house gets quiet.
I really enjoy all your photos! The acorns are cute and will look nice out for fall. I would love to smell the tobacco barns smoking that you mention and to go for a walk in the woods. It is sooo hot out here in AZ and it won't cool down until the end of October! Yikes, and I really need to walk, I just have not felt like it since summer! I know, crazy living!
Hope you had a nice celebration for your hubby! The cake sounded scrumptious!
I have to tell you, I've never heard of a size 4! UnNatural!Yikes! ; )

Kathleen Grace said...

Ummmm, no. Size 4 wouldn't go up my leg, and being size 4 really must be over rated right? Of course, I wouldn't mind being a size (or three) smaller, so started Atkins. Your kitty sounds so sweet, my little darling of a cat died last month, I am heartbroken. She was my favorite cat ever and loved to lay on my feet while I blogged or was sewing.
Home made veggie soup sounds so good, I have a great recipe, I'll have to dig it out!

see you there! said...

Your home looks like such a peaceful and pleasant place. I wouldn't mind fitting into a smaller pair of jeans myself.


susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I love those pipes! I have been thinking about fall goals, too. I'm going to blog about mine too, so maybe I'll do them. Sometimes, I'm all talk and not much action. Go you!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love the "patriotic kitty" photo! He's adorable! Hmm, sz. 4 . . . maybe my left calf! LOL!!!

Katherines Corner said...

I was a size 5 about 6 years ago now I am a size 12! Twice as much to love.giggle. What a wonderful walk you went on, Thank you for sharing with us and those acorns are sweet find. xo

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Those acorns are adorable! What a great walk that must have been!

I love your globe. I have been on the hunt for a nice one.

I have a small dog who acts very much like a cat, and is currently on my lap doing that neck thing.

Cheers to your new goals! I hope you have a productive season while you adjust to your boys being gone for the day.

Homemade soup... YUM!

Betsy Adams said...

Hmmmmm---think I was in a Size 4 when I was born!!!!! ha ha... As you know, I've lost weight this past year. I bought some new shorts recently --and was excited to buy Size 14... BUT--guess what??? They are too big on me now.... Yeah!!!!!

Enjoy those precious boys... They will be grown and gone too soon... (I KNOW!)