Saturday, July 7, 2012

new stuff!

nothing vintage here today...

my husband and I went to a fundraiser 
with a silent auction last night. 
the money was raised for a scholarship 
which sends a war veteran's child to 
college. the recipient was there and
we met her. 

out of my giddyness, I'm showing you 
my haul! 
pretty necklace and this bucket of
salon products that I'd never purchase
in a salon since I don't step foot in
them. I can't wait to get started
 using these! 

have you used any of these products before?
some I won't be able to use as they 
are for body and God pretty 
much loaded my hair up with 
that already. that word "volume"
makes me laugh...cry rather. 

shoes FREE from Nordstrom. 
I told you before that I'm a cheapskate. 
(cashed in my Visa worldpoints for a Nordstrom card)

***shallow shopping post***
y'all are my girlfriends and we all like 
new stuff, right? 

I'm styling a photo-shoot for my friend Pat. 
She has recently had some strokes and isn't 
feeling the best about herself. 
I want to give her a Magnolia Pearl look.
Can't wait! 
She is up for anything I come up with. 

That is scary. 

It is so scorching hot here....many things 
will have to wait. 

my neighbor's hydrangeas...not mine, sadly. 

photographed these chicks yesterday


you only live once! 

these sweet girls lost their mom wayyy too early 
but are living life to the fullest! 

love them. and you! 


Cape Cod Washashore said...

Ohhh what sweet girls! They look so cheerful (I'm sure their photographer's own cheerfulness added to the smiles)! :)

nancygrayce said...

Cute stuff! You've never been in a salon??? But, but who cuts your hair? :) I've only ever seen the Crew stuff and I thought that was for men.....shows how much I know.

Love the photo of the girls! I have some "surrogate" daughters who also lost their mom way too young. She was a dear friend of mine and I've kept up with her girls for the past 11 years and watching them grow into amazing women, wives and mothers.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

So much good stuff here, but I think my fav is the photo of the kids!

Keep cool ~ YOLO!!! LOL!!! I'm off to check out your friends blog! Thanks for sharing!

helen tilston said...

Those children are adorable and living life to the fullest. Looks like you have enough shampoo to last a long time.

Enjoy your weekend

Helen xx

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Lovely stuff, Phyllis :o) Love the YOLO picture. Wishing to the kids al the best :o)And to you too!

see you there! said...

Those shoes from Nordies are adorable. The photo of the girls is great. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the photo shoot of your friend a la Magnolia Pearl. I'm a bit MP fan.


Glenys said...

Lots of products. The shoes are pretty considering the fact that they are free. I learned something new too! YOLO, YOLO, YOLO!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Those shoes rock! And the necklace and basket of beauty products....yum. I'm being a lot nicer to myself as I get older. I've never been high maintenance, but the maintenance needs get bigger over time, so I buy myself the fancy upkeep stuff every once in a while now. I figure I deserve it after years of bargain junk right? You have too much body in your hair? My flat tresses can't even fathom that. lol!