Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifting, pets, prom and grandmas

a few of my thrifting finds of late...the fabric I couldn't live without 
is actually a skirt (Ann Taylor size 6...ha!) 

selling it all for a fundraiser for our Alaska mission trip in July.

Rose print in frame (which I prefer as a tray!) does have hook on back and frame is wooden, not plastic. $12 +shipping~

sold the little chickie salt and pepper on facebook! 

have you ever sold anything by showing it on there? 

I have this beautiful wooden (not resin) 
painted/aged corbel shelf
which is $12 + shipping 
So pretty.

McCoy cat planter...all white. 
$8 + shipping

our bi-annual kittens were born,
three black and one tiger-striped.
mama is siamese, so i was sad 
she didn't have any like her, 
which normally they all are. 

Maya can't handle the pressure from mama kitty
to stay away! She wants in the nursery
helping with those babies SO badly! 

we just had prom weekend with all it's 
both of our older boys went. 
they clean up pretty well! 


I hosted what I'm calling Antique Little Girls Club
I made Cream of Pimento Soup
(google it... from Southern Living)
and the Benedictine sandwiches I posted about 
My mother brought her large paper doll
stash and did they ever play! 

I posted the pics of them on FB and 
it was only seconds before their
grandchildren were making comments
which was exciting for them! 

Laundry awaits, mes amis. 
I need to make some rounds and see you all 
first though, right?? 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
Such a very eclectic range of vintage items. You must have great fun seeking them out.

Your boys look very smart in their suits in readiness for the Prom.

Kathleen Grace said...

That skirt is gorgeous, alas, I am not a SIZE 6 (since 4th grade) and I have too much fabric in my stash. Your boys do clean up well. Cuties!
Love your antique little girls club, they look like they're having a ball!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I love that fabric! Is the skirt A-line or full? That is just up my alley. Your boys are so handsome and their dates, beautiful. I'm sure you are very proud and you should be! I love your mom and her friends playing with their paper dolls. That is just the most precious thing ever! You are a doll for hosting them so often. Glad to hear from you. I'd bring you over a gift if I could!

see you there! said...

Great thrifty finds. Never thought about selling anything on FB but then again I never visit FB very often.

Your guys are so handsome and the Antique Little Girls Club is precious. I loved playing with paper dolls when I was a child.


Lea said...

Your boys are handsome dudes Phyllis! I hope they had a great time. Looks like your partee was a blast! Paper dolls? Ohmy!!!!! You know how to put on a real shindig! Pimento soup sounds kinda good... specially with those sammys!

Martina said...

Such a lovely peek into your life! And you have new kittens - OMG, i find them irressistable! Have a lot of fun with them - and enjoy your day!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love the idea of Pimento Cheese soup....oh my!! We will get that recipe :) Love seeing all of those ladies playing with paper dolls ~ what fun & a great idea! That is something our grandmas loved doing with us as children! Your boys are quite the handsome guys...such lucky young ladies!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!!