Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time keeps on slipping, slipping...

This pallet clock, designed and made by 
Dusty McRae  is pretty much
knocking my socks off. 

I told her that she is the star of Pinterest now, 
because this is being pinned left and right. 
My husband has tons of unused older
pallets stacked up...I intend to try making one. 
It would be awesome to have a stack of them
and sell them in my booth at our flea market. 

Does it excite you? 
It IS a working clock...she got the 
hands and torque parts at Hobby Lobby. 

I've had in mind a hutch...with European flair, no less...
but they are high dollar pieces so I just let 
it go. 
Then our Salvation Army got this two-piece
hutch in and I snagged it after reading all
the Annie Sloan hype on the 'net...
I felt sure I could do what many of you are doing! 
This was $150. 
I'm using Old Ochre.
No priming or sanding, y'all! 
Paint it on every which way, because
the grooves is where the wax settles in
(you put two wax layers)

and gives the aged European look. 
I've got to repair one door, as you see. 
I sold my current cabinet and girlfriend,
my whole dining room floor is covered 
in china and crystal that belongs in here.
I'm very anxious to get it all put away
in grand style! 

My firstborn is graduating from High School 
tomorrow night...bless my soul...what to do, 
what to do! 
He has been thus far the most amazing boy and 
I love him SO much. 
Yesterday I indulged in some shopping at our
ever-so-pitiful mall. I got him something in 
every category I think ...for a gift from us. 

Those people in the center with the booths?
Wanting to see your fingernails? 
And try a lotion on you?
I hate the begging...ruins the whole 
shopping experience. 

They are from Israel though...and I'm intrigued
since it was the Israelites that Moses led
through the desert wilderness in the Old Testament and I know
how God's hand of protection is on them.
Many of them don't know that the Savior
has already come. I always smile at them and
say "Jesus loves you" as I turn down
their lotion and hope and pray it means 
something to them. 
Okay, busted! 
I DID buy their product the first time 
I was approached a few years ago LOL
and it really is good...the nail buffers and all.
I can't buy it every time, right? 

Ohhh me...I have some painting to do. :)


Martina said...

Ooooh, your new header is delicious! I want to xome and have tea with you there! And - you have some painting to do? me to ;) Let's rock on babe!

Kathleen Grace said...

Congratulations to you and your boy! It's an exciting time for all of you. My prayers go with you all:>)
Make sure you show us the hutch when it's done ok?
And, yes, that pallet clock is the bomb, but I don't have anywhere in my home that would be big enough to display it!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hobby Lobby. I gotta get me one of those.xx

Merci-Notes said...

Congratulations to you and your husband also on this wonderful evening (24th).
My very best to your Son :)

Go for the clock Phyllis, you can do anything!!!!

xo, mary
p.s. bring your tissues tonight!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Can't wait to see your finished clock-it will be great!

I bet you have some beautiful dishes all around your dining room, and I bet your new hutch will be perfect.

You are the header queen in my book-beautiful!

Happy graduation!

see you there! said...

A graduation? How exciting. Congrats to all.

Love the clock and that hutch is going to be perfect for your china collection.

You are going to be busy!