Friday, March 2, 2012

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Refried Beans and Spring flowers

Food photography is a huge thing 
I haven't been trained or gone to any
of the amazing seminar retreats for this,
so I wonder if these photos are presentable! 

This one I touched up...looks more tasty I think :)
You might notice the cherries look different...
these are my homemade Marachinos
using the cherries from our tree! 
I HIGHLY recommend homemade ones if you love them...
I'm still shocked at how wonderfully delicious 
they are. 

This cake...I didn't get to taste.
I made it for the men's bible study
group my husband attends... "The Ironmen"...
I tease them as I ask what dessert
they want for their Irongirls meeting...
usually I make Banana Pudding the old-fashioned 
way with meringue.  I think their hips
were getting wide and they told me to 
hold up on that for awhile. 
This week they wanted PUC. 
Ew. Well, you know what I mean. 

On the homefront, I was determined 
to produce some refried beans
not out of the can. 
Well you know...there is nothing
in the process that involves frying
As it turns out, we just cook
our pintos same as always, 
season them with some pork
and salt :) 
(puerco y sal)
and put them in a blender or
food processor. 
Our protein level just rose
a few notches here last night.
Fiber level too. 
We are satisfied! 

Spring blossoms adding some
cheer in the kitchen,
glad they are inside and 
not going to be pummeled by the 
winds and rains today.
Basement door open, 
candles in place...
hope the tornadoes 
are non-existent 
or very weak today. 
Thanks for stopping by, my buddies! 


see you there! said...

I guess I need to go to Bible Study with the menfolk. I love pineapple upside down cake and have never tried those home made cherries. Yum. Of course my hips are wide enough already.


MaidMarion said...

Nice pics...PUC looks delish!

susan said...

Sure hope the tornadoes left you alone and safe. They were awful, weren't they? So thankful the weather is better today. Just wanted to let you know that I posted last week about my visit to Vintage Junky in Nashville. hugs!

Martina said...

Soooooo pretty these flowers - and i wouldn't mind a piece of cake either ... i'll make coffee;)

Amy said...

I love daffodils so much!! How lovely!!!


Cookie said...

Miss Blissity,
Normally I would be after your hide for putting me out there on your blog...but you went and said such nice things about me that I can't get all mad about it now!
let me tell you was FUN and it was delicious and I am THRILLED that I was included in a special day!

Now stop saying nice things about know me and sometimes I am not all that nice.