Monday, March 26, 2012

Personal, Very Personal

Something different today! 
I picked up some questions out of a magazine article 
where a girl was interviewed. 

I'm asking them of YOU! 
And I'm answering as well. 
You can respond in the comments if you wish or
do a post if you are in need of an idea~


Favorite color? 

Lame of me, I know, but I can't say! Brights, pastels...grays, browns...give 'em all to me! 

The go-to item in your closet that makes you feel your best?

My black velvet sleeveless jumper...hits just above the knee and I wear a houndstooth top with it.

The most extravagant item in your wardrobe? 

Shoes from Nordstrom with ties around the ankles. 
Now where am I going to wear those? Goodwill? 

Inexpensive item that you can't live without?

Lip gloss, any brand

Person you think has great style?

Ann Curry

Favorite place to unwind with friends?

my kitchen table or near some falling water...a creek or restaurant with a fountain

The one dish you can always whip up for company with confidence?

BBQ Beef Brisket

Your ultimate vacation spot?

Can I narrow it down to Europe?
Mountains and ocean always excites.

What do you always have at hand when you travel?

camera. Missing photo-ops is not cool.

Your guilty indulgences?

Laura Mercier creme foundation and Belgian chocolate

What can ruin an outfit at any cost?

coffee dribble, wrong shoes, fat

Your most favorite possession? 

camera/laptop. they are conjoined!

If you could have any guest at your table, who would you have and why?

Shirley Temple Black. I think she is pretty hard to come by and I loved her so much when I was little. I probably wouldn't be able to utter a word, either! I'd better have Meg Ryan...I want to ask her why she didn't leave her pouty smile alone. She doesn't look herself now.

What makes you feel your best? 
a good night's sleep

Something new you'd like to learn? 
to play the ukelele as well as more french and spanish~

Our dogwoods are blooming! 
I am allergic to lots of things and pollen,
thankfully, is not one of them :)

Come get me if you do the quesions...
I'm way intrigued about you!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
Well, we have been very intrigued to learn all these things about you. But, as for us.....we prefer to remain enigmatic....!!!

nancygrayce said...

OH, yea, fat ruins an outfit in a New York second! Trying hard to get rid of a little!

I'd like to ask Meg why she doesn't comb her hair! Bugs me!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

This is so much fun! What a great way to get to know a fellow blogger! I also love your photos! The cherry blossoms and dogwoods are lovely!

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me the other day...what a fun game.
I am allergic to pollen too...and finding my allergies are just starting up...oh well mine don't last too long so I am blessed.
Happy new week to you.

Thelma Louise said...

This was fin, i come back when i'm On the pc, struggeling Whit this On my phone :-)) have a Nice day

susan said...

So fun to learn more about you! Could you please share your BBQ brisket recipe? have a great day, friend!

see you there! said...

Can't remember all the questions but my favorite color is blue, any shade. My most expensive clothing item is a raincoat that I paid way too much for but have worn for years. My vacation spot? Mexico or France.

Fun to get little inside info about people isn't it?


jojo caramel said...

I know a young girl here who love reading this kind of magazines interviews :)

an Inexpensive item that I can't live without, certainly coffee... and books :)