Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coming of age~

(you can always click on a photo to enlarge it)

Driving home from a visit to the river, 
I spied this little calf nursing and stopped
to take a picture. It stopped to turn around
for me. 

The river was deep...the boys
(friends of my son)
measured with a stick and
figured it was 6 feet before 
they JUMPED into the cold

You see I had my camera ready so
I wasn't altogether trying to stop them!
My boy was not feeling the whole jumping-
in-the-icy-river thing. 
It was a bonding thing, kind of a coming 
into adulthood thing. 
We talked about how,
if they were Native American Indians 
that this could possibly mean 
you were now an adult
(unfounded information).

I've got to go back because
I was not successful getting
a bunch of Bluebells dug up...
I needed a shovel.

Second boy, in the water, 
ready for anything life can throw at him now.

I turned 50 on Friday. 
Imagining myself on a Smucker's jar
with Willard Scott telling what 
I said were the secrets to longevity. 

Which makes me think of peanut butter
and jelly. 
Which makes me think of cellulite.

Are we done now? 
I've got to go take my Geritol.
Do they still sell Geritol? 
Do you take it? 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
Many, many happy returns of the day from last Friday!!

Gosh, brave boys!! Whatever, that water looks to be mighty cold and where's the fun in that? Perhaps not for us, but for them most certainly.

nancygrayce said...


Happy Birthday....but 50 is just so young and I have loved the 50's. I think because my mama always said the decade of her 50's were the best years of her life! Enjoy! It passes fast!

see you there! said...

Happy 50th - and goodness I just realized you are younger than both my daugthers!


Mac n' Janet said...

Happy Birthday! I remember Geritol, but now instead of an iron tonic we're supposed to climb the Hamalayas, save the world in our spare time and take part in the Iditarod, no time for being old when we get older.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

That cow picture is so wonderful~
happy birthday,
You should of jumped in the river too to celebrate!

Martina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY der Phyllis! 50 - OMG, i think blogging keeps you young ;) Don't tell! So lovely these spring pictures up there!

Kathleen Grace said...

I can't believe your boys jumped in that cold water! bbrrrrrr!
Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Phyllliiisssssss,Happy Birthday to you!
Focus on living and how you feel, not on the numbers:>)

Lena said...

Happiest of belated birtday greetings to you, Dear Phyllis. I sure do hope that this coming year will find your heart full of joy.

May all good things come to you!


MaidMarion said...

Love your new banner. Hope the boys had some warm clothes in the car. 50 hummm you're still a babe!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love, Love the banner and you!

Simple Daisy said...

What a lovely post! And your photographs are fabulous:)