Thursday, March 29, 2012

Canines in glass and porcelain

I could have just said dogs. 

My uncle got the satin glass ones you
see in this post...
in his stocking somewhere around 90 
years ago. 

In order for search engines not to pick 
up on these words...I printed them on 
this photo rather than type them.
I didn't want to attract 
any of the vampire searching
for this type of painting
I found out things I did 
NOT want to know. 

I thought it was best to let sleeping
dogs lie.

But can you believe that is how they 
were done?
I only know it because
my uncle told me. 

I hope you are FELINE
the joy of a fine
spring day in your area.

The dog days are ahead...
weather is boring topic,
isn't it? 

I can't say we all are having the 
same weather because I have
readers in Budapest...
as well as Brighton, 
hello Lance and Jane!

Paris...hello Olivia and Clara!! 

I don't know they even
call them the dog days in those countries?

Why do we? 


Julie Harward said...

How interesting, I have never seen these. I really love that first little green dog, so cute and so fun that you have it. :)

susan said...

Oh my goodness. Who would have thought it? They are so cute! How neat to have readers from other countries-tres international!

see you there! said...

Satin glass is so attractive, what a great green dog. Sure didn't know about the "paint". I'll have to visit those friends of yours.


Revi said...

In France they call them les chiens. :) I finally made it by. Your little dogs are charming, but I totally understand your rationale. I learned something new here, so I guess I'd better follow. :)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Ah, Le Chien here in France or as you have a few here Les Chiens.

Interesting post and thanks so much for visiting me. I will be back. Take care Diane

MaidMarion said...

Love your banner....the cat and dogs are lovely, what a treasure!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Oh my your dogs have quite a history! Now satin glass I am familiar with... I've coveted some Victorian English biscuit jars done in satin glass... swoon! ;)

jojo caramel said...

:) They are all very cute! We wish you a lovely weekend!

Martina said...

So cute these doggies - and so well styled in these pretty pix here - great Job! Hope your sunday is wonderful!

Millie said...

Ah Miss P, can always count on you for a laugh! I'm very impressed with the advice given re: key words. A dedicated bloggie post on your tips & tricks please.
Millie xx

Vintage Jane said...

I love these little dogs. Cute post.