Monday, February 27, 2012

Quilt Show

(please click photo to enlarge)

Amazing pity,
grace unknown 
love beyond degree! 

Words from a song you may recognize,
come to mind when I look at these little 
They are being made for Haitians
who to this day are still sleeping 
directly on the ground 
because of that earthquake. 
Not typical of us
"haves" to think
of putting our handmade quilts
on the ground to get dirty.
This group of women that I've 
discovered, has been to Haiti
and is so connected to the
pain there...
 want to make these gifts of 
love to provide whatever
comfort they can. 
We fret if we don't change our
sheets every Monday...forgetting
some have never had a sheet or a bed
in their life.


I listened to these ladies even planning 
to pass their skills on to younger ladies and 
girls which is so awesome. 

Do you love to be around givers? 
Do you feel empowered by them? 
Does stardom, success, Hollywood, 
being a big loser even...seem so
irrelevant to you? 
It does me. 

Do you remember sleeping under 
quilts as a child and studying the
designs and blocks? 
I do! 

It is fun thinking about the little ones
and their mamas, who will enjoy 
looking at and feeling of these 
quilts. I hope they understand 
the love that is sent via the quilts.

Could you gather unwanted fabrics or unfinished
quilts from people? 
Gather some sewing friends one day a week?
One of you cut, one piece, one "sandwich"
the fabric with quilt on the 
One provide lunch? 
Many ways to give, provide, serve.
Not to mention a fun get-together :)

Aren't they pretty?! 

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show.
You may see more as they get finished :) 


susan said...

Loved this post and your project! I am going to see what I can do to help. BTW-I'm following!

susan said...

Me again! I guess I am not following because I can't find your follow button. But you are bookmarked, so I will definitely be back to visit.

see you there! said...

Beautiful quilts and what a wonderful thing to do. I'll bet it gives you a lot of joy to be part of the project too.


Martina said...

So very pretty these quilts - and all the love and care that goes into them! Love this wonderful project here - working together, miracles are possible! Have a happy start to your week!

Dagmar said...

wonderful looking quilts..great project

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are soooo bright and beautiful. The make me happy!!! I know they will also make the people they are intended for happy tooo.....hugs...m....

nancygrayce said...

Yes, I think they will feel the love these quilts bring! This Saturday some of the ladies from church will gather to make Pillowcase dresses to take the the girls in Uganda. My husband and I are on the board of Mercy Uganda and our dear friends who actually put their "feet on the ground" there will be going in August. There is so much to be done, but I have never seen more appreciative people. When you have nothing, something is wonderful! And the love they have for Christ is overwhelming!