Friday, January 27, 2012

Petit french library

It dawned on me this morning, 
sometime after dawn but before
that if I cleared off a certain
sewing machine table
(among my favorite things to collect
and oddly they find me rather than vice
versa, which is awesome)
that I'd have a spot to put 
my laptop and sit rather than
let the petit table
hold the collection
of equally awesome things 
it was currently holding. 

Mind you...this space I call
the library (in jest!!) 
is no more than a cubicle.

My hips DO fit even in clothes.

And there are books and magazines
between the collected items. 
All of it brings me smiles and keeps
me busy dusting. 

You have now viewed both sides of 
my library which has many books by Peter Mayle 
as well as antique french textbooks and
french/english dictionaries. 
I'm currently searching for a certain USB
cable that will hook my brain to those
books and transfer the information
within them to me. 

*switching now to my US Capital Rotunda tour voice*
If you'll look over your head you will 
see the light fixture that was chosen 
to illuminate the space. 

Not only does it keep the library in virtual
it looks incredibly cute while doing it. 
Water fountains and public restrooms are down the
hall to your RIGHT ;) 
(a little politicking right on campus)
if you are still with me I'll show you the art.

Old photos, one boy, one girl. 
Both parties represented. 
Both hoping not to have a bearish market 
in the near future. 

Hard to photograph in such a dark space...
this tapestry shows a mother and her little child,
representing the sanctity of
human life. 

I discovered yesterday a girl from Nashville
doing something to preserve human life
in Uganda. 
To say I'm inspired is the understatement 
of the century! 
Katie is 21 and is mothering 14 girls alone! 
How rare to find such a giver anywhere. 
You'll see her book on her sidebar. 
I understand it is at Wal-Mart...
I will have to add it to my petit library, 
once I have read it!
I will! 
Thanks for coming by today :) 


see you there! said...

What a great corner you carved out for yourself. Love the table, want to read all the books.


AntiqueChase said...

Love the library... shall we step out for some tea?

La Table De Nana said...

It's uncanny.. I have .. well..had 2 now only one..of those ceramic music master busts and just photoed one w/ white tulips..I too have a fondness for old sewing machines and their tables.. Many times I have admired what people do w/ just the kg part..2.. and a glass top for a kitchen table:) Your desk area looks great..

Mac n' Janet said...

Love your library, a corner of your own, with an inside view.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
We love your 'petit' library and feel that it is such an interesting way to use a small space. We are certain that when you have visitors they are always drawn to the petit library and want to browse through what you have on the shelves, we know that we should be!

Kathleen Grace said...

A sweet, cozy little library, and it does the trick! I love little nooks like that, and the light is beautiful.

nancygrayce said...

So pretty! My computer space is such a mess!

I have followed Katie for some time now and especially admire that she heard God's call so young and followed!

My husband and I are on the board of Mercy Uganda which is another ministry working with the women and children in Uganda. The couple that are the missionaries for our organization are planning to move to Uganda soon. It's an exciting place and they are so hungry for the gospel!!!

Martina said...

So lovely your library space - cozy and inviting for the mind to come home and dream, read, create ... Have a great week!