Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Petit Dejeuner

a little breakfast here today...

where's the croissant? 
when I say "little" breakfast, 
I'm not kidding.

when you are itching to do a photo
shoot and nobody will stop their
busy lives to pose...you just
set up a still life. 

and invite your blogging besties 
over for a berry and a cracker or two.

mini cruets don't complain
neither do their legs get tired.

onion dill cheese understands
fifty cent Goodwill cutting boards
let you have your way
(oh yes I did!)

I'm not sure if all my butter pat
needs will ever by fulfilled.

I'm crazy for crazed doll dishes.
And crazy for readers who take time to look
at my shots. 
Au revoir for now!


see you there! said...

Cheee and crackers and a berry or two? Yum. Love the stack of little butter pats.


Lea said...

I'm crazy bout YOU!
and tickled to no end that I have one of your butterpatties! lol
I'd share a cracker, blackberry and piece of cheese with you anyday my crazy frenchsisterchicklet!
I hope that husband of yours takes you to Paris soon...
I would LOVE to read a blogpost from you in FRANCE!
Great photos!
You sure are FUN!

Martina said...

How very cute! Such tiny things are great for the camera, aren't they? Happy week to you!

Kathleen Grace said...

Adorable, the crackle finish in the last photo is so perfect. Something only time can do:>)

Jojo Caramel said...

Beautiful! I'm crazy for doll dishes too!