Friday, December 2, 2011

~Spin some magic~

A piece of the rock! No, this isn't a Prudential ad...
it is (can you guess?)...

Gingerbread playdough! 
Warm and soft and scented for the season...
this stuff I whipped up in less than five minutes.
What little kid wouldn't love this cheap treat 
for play and what mom wouldn't 
appreciate some time while her
child is busy playing? 
Make some for somebody! 
I divided mine and put it in two 
ziploc bags for two little girls. 

I've heard lots of girls talking about
whether or not they have tried any of the 
things they pinned on Pinterest!


This Pumpkin Pie Cake I have made twice.
It was a hit! 
Find the recipe at Jamie Cooks it Up 

You know how artists have periods like the Baroque or Renaissance?

I'm in my Pumpkin/Gingerbread period.

Not quite to the Peppermint/German Chocolate phase yet.
It's coming though! 

In case you were wondering...the Nativity
came out of my aunt and uncle's home...I'm taking 
it to my aunt today for her condo. 
I've got homemade chicken vegetable soup to
take her and my mother for lunch. 
Two elderly sister-in-laws, kickin' it old style
while I put up a little Christmas tree. 
My aunt is so excited. 
My uncle always did the decorating and 
nothing was gone undone. 
I have to spin some magic for her!