Monday, October 17, 2011

my boy, my shop and lookie what i saw!

this is my big boy, y'all!

he is going to graduate this may.
i've been taking some pictures of him 
in our woods. 
surely that will keep him from leaving?

shop update:

for the vintage barware collector on your list...
this is an etched cocktail shaker with a 
Scotty dog design :)

i guess it is "vices" day since 
i also have an ashtray listed. 
(it might be just a dish, I can't tell)
or we could just say it is Scotty day...
that sounds better. 
i know lots of people collect Scotty dogs,
they are so cute!


i didn't even get out of the car to 
capture this scene the other day!
red barns and horses are just so beautiful, aren't they? 
see the tobacco hanging behind the horse?
that is a common sight here in our part of the country. 
i'm sure it was soon hung in that barn for firing. 
that woodsmoke is the most wonderful scent!
feel free to click on this photo and print it 
on some cardstock...surely somebody
is tapping their fingers, waiting for a card from you!