Thursday, October 13, 2011

I heart walking in the woods

my middle boy and i went out to 
the country today where there used to 
be the most precious covered bridge.

it got knocked down by a large tree that came down
the river after some flooding years ago.

now, there is a wonderful Mexican restaurant
which is attracting locals by the tens and dozens! 
it is important to spend time with 
each child alone...especially 
when they are so close to flying the coop! 
(a little chicken humor...this is my boy who raises chickens)
he is in his junior year.

my boy has his first girlfriend
and she isn't me.

she is younger and they can't actually
go anywhere LOL.
i understand there are conversations 
in the hall at school.
and lots of texting. 

this toy is a Kendama...
my boy is hosting an event 
in which kids come from all 
over to compete in many 
tricks with this Japanese toy. 
he wrote the company and got them
to donate the prizes. 
he is a smart cookie. 

our one kitten is at it's most cute stage!
it has a new home to go to when the time is
right...i'm just snapping away, trying
to savor it's babyhood ;)

thanks for stopping by!