Saturday, October 1, 2011

having fall arrive, having october arrive...
is like getting a rock out of my shoe...
or poison ivy itched.

sweet relief and fun decorating :)

you are seeing the marbletop
sewing machine table i got at a 
yard sale for thirty dollars recently.
i was supposed to be selling things
at my own sale and raising funds for
an alaska trip...which i did
but first things first...i had to
grab this table for the porch. 

the white box holding the mums
came from our local flea market months ago.
people surrounded me that day...asking
where was this? why didn't I see it? 

the mirror came out of my inherited stash...
why not a mirror on the porch? 
we shall watch as the trees turn orange.
can you tell it is crispy and dry here? 
the little tree is a bald cypress.

i need help hanging this shabby candlelier 
where it will hang in front of the mirror...
then fill it with candles.
thinking too, of a party on the porch...
and autumn tea with lots of 
you want to come, punkin?