Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Petit Flea!

it's been a long time since i had a flea market blog!

i will send a paypal invoice to anyone wanting to make a purchase. 
i must have your email address to do this...and here is mine...rules are
1st come..1st serve...I won't be home until later so I'll take them
in order should anyone want anything. 


these things come from the corners of my aunt and uncle's home.
things other people left they are not sentimental to me...don't fret :)
two little crown pins with stone intact and a scalloped pin...all
in good shape with pin backs...
$4 each will incl. the shipping in America. 
anyone else...a tad more. 

vintage compact with powder inside and a cloth
applicator...angel design on top..goldtone.
$10 incl. shipping in USA ~
wee compact below is $6 

i LOVE makeup!
do you? 
recently i was at a lame yard sale...hehe...
and there was nothing good there...
except a big box of Estee Lauder...
and I had decided to buy it as all the products 
were new...then I discovered the price 
they gave me all of it? 
still haven't figured that out but all
the colors were my match and i'm sooo happy! 
quite a few lotions, etc. were in there as well. 

these very old quilt pieces, if put together,
will make a wedding ring quilt...or runner, whatever.
there are many pieces and i would have no clue
as to whether it would form a certain size
finished piece...
$12 incl. ship in the US~

i am saving up for a trip to Alaska!
when the people come for the salmon runs
(or however you say it...LOL) 
their children enjoy bible clubs on the beach.
so, I want to take my boys next July and is called the Salmon Frenzy.  
i'm hoping my boys will learn how to filet fish...these people
will do it there on the beach...and also that we might 
bring some home. i understand the airlines help in 
low shipping costs for this so that people will be 
more likely to fly to Alaska on their airlines. 
i can't wait to love on some children up there! 
have you been to Alaska? 
and do you cook salmon? 
i have one boy that LOVES it...

nice to see you today...i'll check back this afternoon :)