Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In the country, it's like this:

hi deer! 

this is how close i was. 
in state parks apparently, 
deer don't run away! 
we talked about things like deer ticks and how they cause
diseases like rocky mtn. spotted fever...
then I ran off...

i don't mean to be corny, but...
farming is everybody's bread and butter.

there is in this pile (not ours by the way...) 
4 million dollars worth of corn.
and guess what?
it has to be kept dry or it will rot.
animals don't want to eat rotten corn. 
neither do i :/

since these pics were taken, it
has been covered with a huge heavy tarp
and sealed around the edges. 
come to think of it...this corn might be seed corn
for replanting...yes, i think the animal food
is in the ENORMOUS bins. 
i'll have to ask. 

kind of a rare sight to see! 
there was a wonderful old wooden barn in this
i noticed they knocked it down
photo-op destroyed :/

are you in a farm family?
would you be able to live an agricultural life? 

i'm kind of like this stalk of corn 
in the soybeans...
i'm blooming where i was planted!
i enjoy my atmosphere...and i thrive in it.
even though...i'm more of a sweat-free, 
air-conditioning/internet kinda girl.
i have deep admiration for those 
who do the hot sticky labor early morning
to late night 
did you know that 
about half of a farmer's job is 
TONS of record-keeping is
required to be a success.
it isn't just waiting on rain. 
many farm wives do the paperwork. 
it involves sweat of a different kind :/

my all time favorite view on a farm
and smell as well,
is the tobacco barns full of tobacco
being smoked.
it is not the smell of a cigarette,
rather the wonderful scent 
of woodsmoke! 
the crisp fall breezes keep
the country outdoors 
smelling wonderful! 
it is always a sign that leaves will change 
color and fall festivals will happen...
you are free to cook with pumpkin :) 
put your watermelons and tomatoes in the closet
until next june...
and realize too...
your jeans from last march are
waaaayyyy tighter than 
you thought they'd be and 
unless you want to buy a size 
larger...you'd best leave that pumpkin
in the can on the lazy susan 
and go walkin'.

(stick around for one more post if you will :)