Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm a spelunker

if i told you i'd been in the longest cave
system in the world this last saturday...
would you believe me?

mammoth cave is only an hour and a half from
my home in Kentucky and always has been,
yet i've never been in it...
until now :)

this cave system has
(are you sitting down?)

390 miles of tunnels!

the depth we went down
was equal to three football field
(i didn't know this until i was down there)

and i'm okay with it but really
they could have told me earlier
so i could have brought some chocolate

at the bottomest,
they requested all cell phone lights, etc.
be off and they were going to turn off the lights
(yeah, there were some dim light fixtures around)
so we could experience absolute darkness.

i thought i knew what the absolute darkness
would be like...but it was darker.
and OH so quiet...well, dripping
we could hear...there was a river running directly behind
us she said, but we couldn't see it because it was so deep
and dark.
all i could think about was YOU and how
i'd show you my photos...
although i could barely get a clear pic down
in the deep dark cavernous/chocolate-free

we had been warned about the tight space
we'd have to go thru at one point...
and it was probably 30 feet long...
it measures 18 inches in width.
i was happy to see that the tight part didn't go as high
as my shoulders...i was anticipating
a clausterphobic episode...
but it wasn't bad at all, coming only
to my waist.  

two hours until we had this view of
daylight and freedom!
three of us had a sense of
accomplishment because of
i have MS...a mild form but still...
another is a stroke survivor who still limps,
the last is a guy with mild cerebral palsy.
we didn't really talk about it,
but i think we all were pretty happy with
ourselves for doing a daring
and strenuous thing.
that hill back up outta that place was killer!

the history of the cave is just unreal.
how many people have died inside and why...
about a slave who crawled in there and did
so much exploring...he ended up being a tour
guide for years and told stories and sang
to the delight of wealthy folks with
about how the names we see on the ceilings
were burnt with smoke using fire on a stick.

back in town...
i did find my chocolate...
no, actually it was a pecan log roll.
haha!! i was reminiscing about the
old Stuckey's shops we used to
stop at in our travels when i was a kid.
not one person in our SUV remembered
they were all over the place...
and they sold pecan log rolls...
oh well.
tell me your caving adventures
and your tales of pecan log rolls~