Tuesday, August 30, 2011

French Country

ever with tech problems of one sort or another...
i came up with this pic today of mega-french farmhouse-inspiration
to share with you and discuss...
i LOVE copper,
it cooks really nicely and makes an awesome gift...
i have given it recently and over-joyed the recipient.
i also "borrowed" my mother's copper pots as she can't stand
in her kitchen anymore and her meals are served to
her...i am honoring her cooking with my own...
mostly apples these days.
my husband's late cousin had planted 40 
trees and they are honoring him
with a lot of fruit!

i am not able to hang my copper pots
as i have a really little galley kitchen
with no space for such frivolity
BUT oh, i would! 
do you love that look too? 
where are your pots?
any other copper in your kitchen?