Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Taking You Out

linking to Frugal Friday  at the Shabby Nest

when it comes to reading magazine articles,
or pinning on Pinterest...
what i love the most is 
photos of alfresco dining...
that is, eating outdoors! 

it isn't just eating outdoors though, no sir, that excites me.
it is the setting that does the trick! 
and food that i like...not ROOBARB pie (sorry, Mama...)
my Mama doesn't like quiche best i recall, either.

styling is SO fun and taking pictures, funner! 
just wish all of you were here to sit and chat 
and nibble with me! 

this past year was one loooong wait for apples 
to come in again...
i picked two bags full the other day
and they are yummy, 
tart and tangy/sweet!

my pie is spinach with swiss cheese
and apple slices are floating in the water.
have you seen all the fruit flavored waters 
that people are making? 
how fresh!

listen closely...
store bought crust, unbaked
swiss slices X 3 on the bottom
handful of frozen/thawed/drained chopped spinach
4 eggs whipped with some milk or cream
salt to taste
two slices of swiss on top
bake at 350 degrees until crust and cheese are browned
to your liking~

embroidered pillowcase a must! 
quiche will NOT turn out
if this element is forgotten

take your pristine day, 
and make it a sweet one!