Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweetpeas, antiques and parenting?

hello, sweetpea

have you had your breakfast? 

it's almost time for lunch by now

(don't ask...)

got your home spic and span? 
me neither...but I will...

i'm thinking i'll put these items into my etsy later on, 
that you see in this post

solid walnut handmade sleigh
howwww cute!

as for chatter...well...
today i find myself alone at home
with the kiddies gone to school
and me with no doctor appointment
or anything.
gosh, it's quiet! 
i just read that it takes 7000 days to get a child
from the crib to college. 
that is quite a commitment, isn't it? 
some of you have done it and some are just
on your way...or maybe are avoiding it at
all costs...which is okay if that is what you want. 
we struggled with infertility for years and so
consider our children huge blessings!
thankfully we get to take one day at a time, huh? 
and not all 7000 days at once! 

you are now welcome to leave your 
most helpful piece of parenting advice 
to me or anyone reading :) 
we have all been a child once...
so if you aren't in the parenting business,
I'd say you still know
something about it...
saggy diapers not good?
tell us about it!
mashed carrots not good?
we want to hear it!
well, not really....