Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great-aunt I am and will be!

i told you about the new twins in our family
awhile back :)
they are four weeks old now, at home and doing well!
this is so surreal looking at the photos i took myself...
TWINS!!! crazy, right? we have never had a set in
our family and no fertility drugs were used.

they don't look like our side of the family in the least LOL
but are adorable just the same!!

here is the niece who only weighed five pounds
and ten ounces herself...
she is a modern-day mommy who knows how to handle a baby.
she has a two year old girl already.
Emily works for the chamber of commerce in her city and
has won a prestigous award for the whole state!

she is on leave of course :)

i wanted you to see my aunt's antique loom
that she gave Emily.

she intends to learn how to use it...
although when i don't know.
there is a second loom, my aunt said...
in the attic somewhere...
we will wait until after the temps
drop below one-hundred degrees to go up there.

my aunt once made a set of placemats.
she entered them at the fair to see if she could
win a ribbon...
well, they said store-bought items were
 not allowed and wouldn't let her enter them!

should i kiss those fellas for you?
are there twins and looms in your family?