Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi Doll!

shop update today!
but wait! 
read'll find some nostalgic talk about 
my childhood...
jump in and tell your tales too~
we're all here to help each other heal. 

three items added woohoo :/

it takes so long to photograph and list...whew. 
at the same time, it is really fun and i'd rather 
do that know...iron that pile of stuff on the bed. 

i was rather shocked to find these drink stirrers
with whistles (so cute, right?!) while thrifting...
my uncle had these, and we are cleaning out his house.

did one of my brothers donate them?
weird. i'll get to the bottom of it soon enough...

they work. 
i blew on one :) 
i also found more of them on etsy...someone needs to 
grab all of them, for a party!

or petit dejeuner.

eat right!

i'm off to the kitchen to make...
banana nut muffins.
milk chocolate chip with pecans cookies.
pecan tassies. 
i'm getting ready to sell lunch items tomorrow at our local flea market! 
sell, sell, sell. 
i come by it depression-era parents
had to hustle. 
(those people worked circles around me! i could not 
ever work as hard as they did) 
always snapping beans, canning tomatoes...endless gardening.
peeling apples, making pies :) 
and ME a picky bad eater!  
didn't like anything with cooked fruit...raisins in the what?
purple celery? and you are making a pie?
i wanted spaghettios and suzy Q's!!! 
potpies and tunafish sandwiches LOL. 

did i ever tell you what my grandmother always
gave me for Christmas and birthdays...???
like a yard and a half of flannel. 
mama had to sew me a gown. 
she always wondered (my grandmother)
why my face didn't just light up
when i opened her gift. 
i didn't want to see my mama cry, i guess.
my other grandmother thought she was funny,
when she gave me one of those little starter bras
one Christmas.
i ripped excitedly into my package,
as kids front of my three brothers
who had never to my knowledge even seen my panties
since mama kept me covered and concealed tight
as ft. knox. 
what was i saying? 
OH. the bra. 
lord help me i am still blushing, nay, crying
because three, not one brother saw me open
a bra
in which i'd never had nor needed 
and didn't still far as i knew.
and my grandmother, 
who probably could have used some brownie points,
fell decidedly low on the granddaughter 
approval meter. 
i didn't hug her neck or thank her. 
she should have known better. 

excuse me while i blow into my tell yours now...
i'll read in between mixing batters. 
be strong.