Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have Flat Princess!

Shout out to our waitress extraordinaire *Megan* in Chicago at the Pizzaria Due! Hellooo!!! 

who is Flat Princess? 
she has a colorful past! 
see her here
see her here 

her first experience with us was on a ferris wheel...
i did not remember she had been on one previously...but she does enjoy a carnival ride!

that girl is always ready to travel! 
she has been around the world and needs a new
can she visit you next? 
let me know and i'll make travel arrangements for her.

she insisted on our photo together being small,
which was cool with me being as how I'm not 
the seventeen year old I feel I am :/

poor girl couldn't see out but still enjoyed the breeze!

our nephew's fiance *Dai* comes from artsy Arizona and wanted her name in her Etsy shop name. 
Jamison helped come up with the shop name and she has now opened for business! 
stop  by and see her awesome vintage goods :)


this girl I "met" on a blog
Jowann jumped out and grabbed my heart!!!!
she is an unloved girl with nothing... to say the least.
if you are a pray-er...jump in with me in asking God 
to tend to her in special ways. 
People ask God, "why haven't you provided for your children?"
God would say..."I kept what I provided and didn't take care of those I intended for you to. YOU are my hands and feet."
I have so much more than I need and can sacrifice so much
more than I have. God forgive me.