Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago Tuesday

people in Chicago need beta-carotene too. 
loads of it probably because there is so much to see!
eye health is extra necessary here.

sounds are extra special in the city too.
I mean, it isn't just ambulances and taxis honking.

i was surprised to find out though...
that i have modern art in my home. 

lots of it. so much that we normally toss it.

this mannequin made me think of many of you bloggers
who own one. i especially like this dress. it reminds me of 
what my mother used to wear to square dance in with daddy.

i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this 
huge collection of antique sewing machines at
the Allsaints manufacturing co. 

my baby has petit vanilla bean scones on his mind every morning and everytime we pass Starbucks...
i might have them on my mind in the a.m. as well...
and some coffee...haven't had any yet here. 
see you tomorrow..phone is ringing!