Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what is she talking about

this photo has nothing to do with today's post.
nothing does, really.

that is me though and it is a photo from my son's computer.
i'm still waiting for mine to come home from the hospital.

ready for some random news?
here goes!

*my boys and i just returned from a week of camp
*thanks to reader Maid Marion and her husband for the transport of students and baggage...we love you!!!
*next we are traveling to Chicago for a mission trip
*my youngest and I will vacation on Michigan Ave. and Navy Pier while the older two work hard in the heat, bless them...
*my middle son has duct tape wallets for sale in my etsy shop
*he paid for half his Macbook by selling wallets at school
*the dressing room lights at Old Navy make you appear smaller than the ones at Cato's
*and your skin look nicer
*how do they do that
*i got a letter from Gooseberry Patch today saying they are publishing my recipe in their next book and that I'm getting a free book come January
*i don't remember submitting a recipe
*the one they say i submitted, i cook all the time
*creole pork chops
*i love the people at Gooseberry Patch
*you aren't bad either

over and out.