Friday, June 10, 2011

You've never heard of the Kentucky Sea?

congrats to Debbie @ nospringchicken for winning the tin molds! 
email me with your address and i'll expedite them to you :) 

yesterday i brought the ocean in! 
started out with a trip to the trusty Goodwill...
i found this tall thin fern stand or table and a star-shaped aluminum bowl. 

the table was eight dollars and the bowl was three.
i painted the table white as well as several picture frames which were a dollar or two each. 

the huge ocean print in frame was five dollars and i still need
to paint the frame. 
(not looking forward to that one...)
Oh! see the little glass paperweight? 
i love those. 
they are so fun and easy to do. 
i know how often too...that i'm in the bathroom
looking for something to stop blowing my papers away! 

the large bulletin board was only three dollars 
and i painted it, then added the beachy photos.
you can cut up a Coastal Living for these. 
or use family vacation photos!
or both :)

i've had the conch shell for years...i love that pink!

now finding the space to use it all is the thing!

might shoulda thought of that before i bought it all, huh? 

these three drinking glasses with rattan fit the theme as well...
where can i get more?!!

lastly an old jar with a bubble for the wave effect ;) 

let's go surfing y'all!!