Wednesday, June 8, 2011


when all else fails...have a giveaway!
i'm fantasizing that i can afford to give you something good like a gift card to some incredible place. 
oh? you are too? 
it'll be okay :/

~ a set of tin molds ~

i have searched the web for something i've
seen but cannot find...
ornaments made from these...
you cut a photo to fit inside...
probably a black and white and trim it with 
a little silk greenery and red bow for hanging on the 
Christmas tree.

yes, i said "Christmas" in June. 

now i won't have to say it in July. 
baby it's hot outside...anything we can think about 
to make us feel cooler, let's try it! 

leave me a how-to-stay-cool tip in the comments
and i'll have my boy draw a name
ummm....friday morning. 

~soaking my feet in jello....Auntie Bliss~