Friday, May 27, 2011

on the Ky/Tn border today

i'm here to report that we lived through
the storms thus far and our skies look this way now.

i was waiting in line for some bar-b-cue when 
i caught this view of a nice aqua water tower. 

if you've never had bbq in western kentucky, 
you should put it on that bucket list...
it is made from 90% real wood smoke and 10% 
a dash of salt. 
oh man. 
i'd die a slow bbq death if i had to live on bbq from 
other places. 
you probably feel that way too, about the bbq in 
your area...but if you mention like, tomato sauce or ketchup,
i'm gonna cry for you.

one intact barn with a patch job...
many old barns have bitten the dust one wind
gust at a time which is sad. 
new barns are usually metal and don't have that 
look we love. 
wheat looks good, right? see the wheat field? 
that is our family's bread and butter...well, without the butter
right now. 

picked these up at goodwill...anybody tell me whether
or not they are good? 

we have a boy turning 16 next month.
he is getting a mohawk today to celebrate 
school being out. 
i had to grab the camera while my window of opportunity
was still here. 

finding great old rusty buildings is not a problem 
around here...and many times music artists-to-be
come here to film their videos since we are less than an hour
from Nashville, depending on who is driving. 

we have this marker out back to remind us 
where we pay taxes. 

(shhh Mary and Marion! you didn't see these of my boy...he'll get me!)

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