Friday, May 20, 2011

hey blossom!

welllllllll....i'm up late...can't sleep.
got new banners and roses on my mind. 

isn't my new rose bush pretty? 
i think it looks like peppermint.
i guess i could have read the tag to see what
it's real name is but i never did! 

tomorrow i'll set it out as well as a new hydrangea i got. 
i lost all five of mine in last year's drought which came 
after our really bad flood. 
i'm concentrating on potted flowers this year actually...
for the front porch. 
i don't love heat and weeding, etc. is NOT my thing...
so i'll stay under the roof of the porch and enjoy the blooms there.
i'm going to look for a fountain of some sort and a new
wind chime :)
do you have these items?