Monday, May 16, 2011

Fashion talk!

i spent REAL money and the world didn't
stop turning...but
there is still a certain amount of guilt in 
the midst of my pure joy in my new items!

I have seen all over Youtube (I watch these "beauty gurus" who may be my undoing in the end...) 
recommendations for this Laura Mercier silk
creme foundation. 
well, I have it on and it is sublime! 
(never used that word before...) 
$42 of decadence...they say it will go a long way 
and I think that is true as it went on so smoothly. 

I have not worn any heels whatsoever in years and years.
I am influenced again by styles on the net (especially Pinterest)
and I simply wanted some new shoes. 
I got two pair from Nordstrom's...a place I'd never heard of
until Youtube. 
We are getting one soon in Nashville I understand.

this is the reason I could splurge on some
good shoes...
most all of my clothes come from Goodwill! 
I have never had so many clothes in my life.
At $4 or so each (oftentimes less...)
it is a shame not to buy something if you can wear it.

walking in these yesterday was a wee adventure!
it takes practice LOL but I will say
that in my ballet flats on a rainy Easter,
that I slipped out of our suv and nearly broke 
all my bones. 
Whatever happens in these can't be much worse!
and Espadrilles? 
Shouldn't they be in style forever?
I'll be wheeling through my nursing home in fashion, I'd say.
Recommend me a housecoat to go with them, will ya?