Saturday, May 14, 2011


well that was interesting! 
blogger being out of business and all...
i don't know how many times i tried to leave a
comment, forgetting i couldn't. 
it's nice to be back! 

i just had to show the cuteness that is going on here!
these babies are so precious. 

my baby turns twelve today!
we are hosting a massive watergun fight in the backyard. 
radical, i know. 
girls are coming...who knows what will happen?

my middle boy and i are participating in 
an outdoor flea market between festivities here.
i'll take some pics so you can 
say "awww, phyllis, that would be fun!"
"i hope you make some money"
"did you really sell that platform rocker for only $79??"

I'll take a pic of the pile of cash come back!