Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Read this:

it was a batter-dipped fried oreo kind of weekend. 
well, sunday anyway...
my big boy had a hankerin' for something sweet and fattening. he is a rail so it was all good until i started popping them into my mouth...
have you ever eaten one? 
they are really yummy, i wouldn't mislead you...

my littlest planned a campout for himself and a friend saturday night. he forgot we  live in the flood capital of the world. 
not really. i don't know where that is...well, it might be here. 
i know several people answering to "noah" these days. 
anyone in the sheetrock business should be looking
at a huge market here soon...
i thought my boy was so cute in his brother's rubber
boots with his tent over his shoulder walking
off into the woods. 

he and his friend had to come in during the night
because it was raining so hard. 
they still made some good memories anyway. 

my middle boy coming off the soccer field...
his team has lost only one game this season. 
he has a coach from the UK who is really talented. 

i hab a code. 
a bad head code. 
my throat hurts and i want a visit from Starbucks.