Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red Shed, White dog, Prom and Joshua

this precious and very old french doll bed
is from the Red Shed antiques blog.
they are having an awesome giveaway in honor 
don't know about you but...
the prize is a mass of french items...not the doll bed...
go leave a comment!
and if you win and don't want your prize...
well. ;)

we had a doggie visitor last night before prom...
this is millie, posing with vanillie...who
is the firstborn of our mama cat. 
she had two kittens 20 hours apart! 
how weird is that? 
i feel sure she has more in her belly too. 

from the proud mama department 
of this establishment, comes
this photo of one very special
son and his doll-faced prom date. 

over and out...gotta get to church!
joshua has to lead the israelites 
across the jordan...i hope it goes as 
smoothly as the leading of that british crowd 
out in front of the balcony for that 
KISS the other day...