Thursday, April 28, 2011

One day in the country

i guess you've seen the stormy south part of the USA on
television...we have had some WEATHER. 
there was almost a week of tornado warnings non-stop.
trees fell on many people ...some in their beds.
while we do have trees...this is a tree farm...none are close 
enough to our house that if they fell, damage 
would be done. 
i can't tell you HOW many huge trees i've seen
totally uprooted and laying on their sides. 

schools have been in and out for days as
waters rise in creeks and rivers. 
but life goes on! 
all the birds are twitterpated...and
the bees have pollen on their hairy little legs.
today is GORGEOUS.

it was grandparent's day at our school.
i played grandmother for my child as his 
can't walk into the school. 
i served cookies and juice to the other grands
in attendance. 

it is truly SO amazing what a difference one
day makes! 

my boy and i stopped at a church and took pics
of some sheep and goats next door. 

they say when you are feeling sorry for yourself...
there is always someone in worse shape than you.
i've been struggling with my mass of unruly hair.
so, this sheep made me feel better. 

i've heard one day in the country is equal to 
a month in town.

which do you prefer? 
i have at least two readers who have residences in
both. that is awesome!