Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter chat

time to decide what to wear sunday for Easter :) ...get the boys' clothes ready.
we are hosting lunch for six family members which brings the count to eleven. nice and easy for me.

which reminds me that I should color my hair really...along with some eggs.
excuse my thinking out loud!

i'm excited to set the table and do the cooking. i'm thankful to have my four "elderlies" still with us. last year we had five of them...this year, four.

we are having a chicken casserole and asparagus for sure. probably some cooked carrots and something involving coconut. what are you having?

i got a new grill ...i can control the temp and that makes me giddy!

martha has an app for egg dyeing
and me without an iphone...

today i'll be in search of some gingham...maybe lavender to tie around a few things...maybe napkins? 
i'm just in the lavender gingham frame-of-mind.

some people around here aren't thinking about
anything much...not a care in the world.
aren't cat piggies the cutest? 

i'll go ahead and say Happy Easter to you...just in case i don't get back to you.
Happy Easter friend!